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Due to the wide variety in the industry and the variety of products to increase efficiency, we need to pay attention to the choice of brush. Therefore, SabIran Company is trying to provide the needs of industrial units, and now proudly relying on trained professionals and employees, we are able to produce a variety of brushes to meet your needs. In addition, to improve the efficiency of our brush industry, we have our own experiences and solutions to solve your problems.

Sub Iran is the only manufacturer of custom brushes in Iran that designs and manufactures all brushes based on the capabilities of domestic engineers with the highest accuracy and superior quality.

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Due to the persice market study and industerial analysing, SabIran co started to produce different kinds of metal wire brushes for different industeries. Hence, we are proud to anounce our readiness to design any custom brushes.

“ In order to ask any custom brush you can directly contact us .

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