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Engineering Tips

You can take the following tips to choose brushes


Important Points on Brush Selection

Wire brushes are often used for removing rust, paint, light burrs, dirt, cinder, roughening, deburring, excess rubber and carbon. It also has turned to an effective and important tool in different industries as the industry is growing in Iran. Selection of the brush depends on the customer's need; therefore, the following information are provided for the customers' convenience and heightening the technical knowledge of the users.

Brush diameter D 

A large brush diameter achieves better results and higher outputs. Ensure that the diameter of the brushes exceeding 175mm should not be installed on portable brushing machine's arbors.

Face width B 

For wide surfaces, we need more brush widths. Hence, several brushes can be used together, which will then require more power.

Trim length L 

This parameter depends on the type of application. The short length of the wire allows getting a hard and fast check, while the long length of the wire gives flexibility at an uneven level.

Fill density

The numbers of the wire filaments per square surface unit determines the density of brush. Brushes with high density are used to produce finer surfaces, while brushes with low density are used for brushing rough surfaces such as deburring wheels, grooves, internal surfaces, screws and those parts, which are rough. In this part, Wire works like a whip.

Surface speed and contact pressure

The max RP speeds specified for power brushes are maximum safety speeds. In most operations, a lower speed than that specified will prove more efficient for you. Lower speeds and lighter pressure give longer brush life and require less power. Do not put excessive pressure on the surface of the brush it both decreases the efficiency of the brush and damages the brush as well. It is important to remember that the tips of the wire filaments do the actual work. Never apply excessive pressure on the brush because it reduces efficiency and damages the brush. Use high-density brushes and short wire lengths where there is a need for greater pressure.

Brush Designing

SabIran Company is the only manufacturer of custom brushes in Iran. You can contact us to order your brushes.

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